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Most people probably don’t enjoy picking out brochure templates, deciding on colours, changing colours so fonts stand out – or don’t – and so on. I do. It’s a creative organization project, perhaps, or just enough of a creative puzzle to be fun. And when I told my boss a week ago that I was thinking about doing one as an updated tutorial on how to check out an ebook through our digital library, she was thrilled. And gave me a thumb drive with a brochure started on it about why to get a library card with us.

So, I did both. And a basic template look for our library (combing the new logo with a coordinating colour palate). And some options. I’d have to check the thumb drive again to see for sure, but there were six or eight brochures on that thumbdrive when I was done.

I also then either didn’t see my boss or forgot to mention them to her when I did. For a week. But she finally saw them yesterday and said said there were only a few changes that needed to be made. Success!

I just wonder which ones needed the changes… we somehow didn’t discuss that.

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Library Tutorial: Checking-out an ebook on Kindle

For the same library class I created this blog for, I also did a  video tutorial (link to the video tutorial here), using Screencast-o-matic, on how to download and check-out a Kindle ebook from the Peru Public Library’s digital collection. While I can’t upload the video directly here, feel free to check it out via the link provided!

The tutorial is very basic, as I didn’t have time to cover everything there, but I would be more than happy to answer any further questions (if I can) on the topic, and so would the staff at the Peru Public Library! (Terri is, however, the one that knows the most on the topic, so ask for her specifically.)

The library is located at:
102 E. Main St.
Peru, In. 46970

But is temporarily located at (while the historic Carnegie building is renovated):
12 Broadway Plaza
Peru, IN 46970

And contact information is:
Phone number: 765-473-3069