A Little About Me

Hello! I’m a twenty-something who is going back to school for an AS degree in the library sciences. In fact, I started this blog for one of my library classes. I’m not completely sure why I continued it, but it’s fun at times and a good challenge (I have to write interesting stuff!).

I was told years ago by my paternal grandpa that I should change my area of study and go into the library sciences, but I didn’t think it was for me (read: Science is not my forte). However, I started working at a library eventually, discovered I loved the field, and decided to start work on getting a basic degree in the field after all. I started the degree program the spring after my Grandpa died, but I know he would have been pleased. And may have told me, “I told you so”…

I recently got married, and it only took me two months to write about on here – I post sporadically and often, in bursts as well!

I love history, traveling and seeing fun things (the picture is from a trip I took to the UK years back), hiking and camping, books, books, and more books, antiques, all sorts of movies, sewing, and of course, libraries. So be warned: I will nerd on here at times!

Walking in the mud along the beach in Ayre, Scotland, several years back.

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