A Little About Me

Hello! I’m a twenty-something who is going back to school for an AS degree in the library sciences. In fact, I’m actually starting this blog for one of my library classes.

I was told years ago by my paternal grandpa that I should change my area of study and go into the library sciences, but I didn’t think it was for me (read: Science is not my forte). However, I started working at a library eventually, discovered I loved the field, and decided to start work on getting a basic degree in the field after all. I started the degree program the spring after my Grandpa died, but I know he would have been pleased. And may have told me, “I told you so”…

I recently got married, and it only took me two months to write about on here.

I love history, traveling and seeing fun things (the picture is from a trip I took to the UK several years back), hiking and camping, books, books, and more books, antiques, all sorts of movies, sewing, and of course, libraries.


Walking in the mud along the beach in Ayre, Scotland, several years back.

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