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Nights in the ER

Last night we were short-staffed

(They need to hire more people) –

Which is true most nights

But especially not fun

When we are as busy as that.


It always seems like the holidays

Bring out the worst of people’s ideas:

The fourth brings burns and New Year’s, accidents,

No holiday is without its

“What were you thinking?” moments.


Last night someone came in

Who’d almost blown off their finger –

As if appendages are merely optional,

And holding onto a rocket

Somehow intelligent.


But, that was still better than last week,

When we had a trauma come in

And multiple squads right after.

That was an adrenaline rush

I didn’t need – or want!


But at least no one has died,

Although adrenaline rushes

Are still bad for my sleep –

As if never having time to eat

Isn’t bad enough for me!



This is another poem I wrote for a creative writing class I took this summer. I wrote it based on stories from a cousin who works the night shift in the ER. The prompt was to write from the perspective of someone who has a very specific setting. I wanted it to capture part of my cousin’s sense of wry humour and strong vocabulary, but to also show some of what nurses go through, both personally and in regards to taking care of patients. While I didn’t focus on what having a patient dying does to nurses, because I was trying to keep the poem slightly lighter than that, I do mention it in order to show that it does have a huge impact on them. This poem was too short to mention everything nurses do, however, so yes, I did have to skip lots of stuff.

Original post about the class:

Creative Writing and Summer Classes

Another poem I created for the class:




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