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Creative Writing and Summer Classes

Summer classes are always interesting for the amount of work crammed into a few weeks. When the class is on writing, the work seems to be even larger! This years summer class was on Creative Writing, merely because it was the only one available that seemed even semi applicable to my library science degree! (I’d originally been wanting to do a psychology class, but apparently that gave me too many credits in one genre.)

I wrote multiple creative pieces every week, ranging from challenging-to-write poems, to terrible non-fiction, to fiction and even one drama. Some weeks were easier than others, and some weeks when their was a lot of challenging writing to do I was also picking up a few more hours at the library!

However, I finished with a great grade and several pieces I’m actually happy with. There are also a few pieces that I enjoyed writing but that got some less-than glowing feedback from the instructor that left me feeling burnt out about them – apparently I have trouble creating a clear plot in some fiction! (And with flat side characters in others, but it is hardly my fault that the assignment required the piece to be too short for anything else! Or so I defend myself… Frankly, I just have no idea how to fix that.)

In the end, I’m still not completely sure if the class is actually helpful for my degree, but I’m thinking it is merely because I learned more about avoiding cliches, that stale imagery really is bad writing, that flat characters are allowed to ruin a piece, and I learned that it takes a lot of revision sometimes, to get a piece to work. But maybe I just think it is semi-applicable because of a comment I got from the instructor: “You continue to write like someone who enjoys reading and does a lot of it.” Considering I was averaging a (easy) book a week for the first five weeks of this class, I’d say I definitely do a lot of reading! Which is good for a library clerk.

For the sake of fun and a little bit of bragging, I’ll be posting some of my pieces from this class on here over the next few weeks. I may even post one today!


P.S. Do not expect my writing on here to improve much; I don’t tend to revise these and I am still terrible at creating creative non-fiction (or so I think)! Imagery is so hard…



Hello; I'm a mid-twenties nerd studying to get an Associates Degree as a Library Technical Assistant while working part-time at a library.

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