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D.C. 2017, Day 4

Day 4 (Sunday) was our final day. And technically, most of it was not spent in D.C. After sleeping in a bit (three late nights in a row plus all the walking we did finally worked), we packed up and had brunch with second cousin and friend/ex. We went to a place that was apparently second cousin’s favourite place to have breakfast in the area, where most of the workers know him by sight and had to ask what had happened to his arm and shoulder.

Sadly, once brunch was done, it was time to head home. We took the same route back, but seeing all the lovely mountains and hills first made the flatness of Ohio and Indiana that much more apparent  – and sad. It was also weird not walking five miles that day…

Nevertheless, it was a great trip back home, complete with lively discussion in the first part, and all sorts of music and dancing to it in the second half! I also learned that I am so self-conscious about my dancing that I would start laughing as soon as my cousin looked at me. And would laugh for about a minute while probably turning a little red. Or as she put it, “you dance for 30 seconds and then laugh for a minute”. Yeah… So we worked on that by me trying to dance even more than normal and her not looking at me directly or for long. I actually made it several minutes. Improvement!

We ended our trip driving into the sunset and listening to the last couple songs (plus the second one, “Concerning Hobbits”) of The Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack, “The Breaking of the Fellowship” and “May it be”. Perfect epic and melancholy soundtrack to the ending of a trip.

Okay, that was actually the end of the cousin road trip part of the trip, I had to drive an hour further to get home to my husband.



Hello; I'm a mid-twenties nerd studying to get an Associates Degree as a Library Technical Assistant while working part-time at a library.

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