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D.C. 2017, day 3

This was our slow day. We spent the morning hanging out with second cousin and his temporary live-in nurse/friend/ex, had plantains and fish sauce for lunch, then went out for few hours to see the Library of Congress, the Capitol, and the Botanic garden. Sadly, we hadn’t realized they all closed earlier than the other sights, so while we did indeed see the Library of Congress (which I loved!), we were too late to see inside the Capitol, and were chased out of the Botanic Gardens after about fifteen minutes. Apparently wen the outside garden there must be locked up at 5:30…

The good thing about such a slow day was that we didn’t have as much walking to do! All three places were fairly close together even. Unfortunately, I ruined the maybe two miles we’d have walked all day by needed to stop by a store to pick up a couple things, is trying to walk to one that would mint be too far out of our way from a metro stop, and the two we tried to get to being either non-existent or closed already! That seemed to add two miles to our day…

The actually good thing about the day’s sights was how much I loved the Library of Congress. From painted ceilings to mosiac floors to gorgeous stonework. They had quotes painted on some of the ceilings, which were excellent fodder for thought (some I liked, some I disagreed with), as well as authors’ names in another section. Some ceilings in different rooms were 3D and gold against red, while others were simpler.

Also exciting was the fact that they had a display of Thomas Jefferson’s library collection, albeit a small one. Despite much of the collection burning shortly after he sold it to congress, they had many of the originals! The books were marked with ribbons according to whether they were originals, ones bought to replace his immediately, and so on, including boxes marked with title for the books still missing. It was also organized according to the system he used. Amazing. And yes, nerdy librarian amazing.

Less nerdy was how much I enjoyed all the green and flowers at the botanic gardens. And all the selfies I took at all of these places including outside the Capitol. I’ve tried to not include them all here…

After all this, it was back to the second cousin’s apartment where we watched another movie and he fixed steak.



Hello; I'm a mid-twenties nerd studying to get an Associates Degree as a Library Technical Assistant while working part-time at a library.

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