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Impromptu bachelorette parties

I’m getting married. Hopefully by sometime in September. But no, there is no set wedding date yet. And no, my fiance hasn’t moved to my area yet (which needs to happen so we can have a place to live together and so he can help support us as well – my part time job only pays so much). But we’re still hoping to get married soon! And if that isn’t enough stuff up in the air yet, my maid-of-honour and lovely sister got a job teaching in Honduras. And left for that last Friday. Nothing about this wedding is going to happen in the traditional way, it seems! But a week ago Thursday, my sister and I got to talking late at night and in the midst of us discussing her new job and how sad we were that she wouldn’t be able to stand up with me at my wedding, I also bemoaned the fact that I wouldn’t even get to have a bachelorette party with her in attendance. She asked what I would want if I did have one, and planned it all the next day (technically the same day, that conversation happened after midnight). All except one person I had mentioned inviting could come for it, we all meet up in Indy somehow, and somehow I got a rather traditional party planned in a day – complete with a bachelorette party hashtag, lingerie, live-music at a bar, calling the cops, and more. My cousins who live in Indy decorated for it, got me a bride shirt and more, and between them and my sister, had a whole party for me – one that actually changed as we went along, as watching a movie in the evening was discarded for a live-music bar.

The even started with a trip to a lingerie story, where I was expecting to pick out some and buy them myself but instead had my friends (including my sister and cousins) insist on buying me everything I was interested in or had liked! And let me tell you, there is nothing quite like walking around a mall, shopping for lingerie, and then spending the rest of the evening as well all while dressed in a tank top that proclaims “bride” on the front and with everyone in leis. We even had a friendly security guard ask us if we were back from Hawaii, and even say hi to us later when we passed him elsewhere in the mall. After the mall, we went out for some fantastic pizza and appetizers, then back to the mall for a bit when we had to lose a member of the party as she had to work. Live-music at a bar (which I’d been thinking sounded interesting to hear for a while now) finished up the main part of the party. But what bachelorette party would be complete with out a little wildness? And true to that, the police got called before we even made it inside the bar. But not on us – by us. Or rather, a couple of my friends with the compassion and caring to check on a lady passed out in the heat who proved non-responsive to even yelling in her ear. The police and then a couple of emergency response vehicles and people came to help the lady, and I could not be more proud of my friends for their commitment to help in that situation! I would have not known what to do and probably done nothing, but they may have saved the lady from merely being taken advantage of as the night got later or from a serious health issue.

Even though my sister can’t stand up with me, I am more than honoured by her and my friends’ willingness to plan and/or join an impromptu party for me! It may seem like a strange thing to say, but their willingness to give up their free time (or barely free time – at least one of them was extremely busy that day between a wedding, work at night, and the lengthy drive to Indy for this party) just because I asked shows what awesome and caring friends I have. I really am blessed. It’s just too bad I can’t have 8 or so bridesmaids. Instead, I asked yet another cousin to stand up with me in my sister’s stead – a male cousin so not one invited to the party. Poor guy. And not for missing the party…




Hello; I'm a mid-twenties nerd studying to get an Associates Degree as a Library Technical Assistant while working part-time at a library.

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