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I’m engaged!

Technically, I got engaged at the end of February, I’m just really slow at writing any posts. He had been originally thinking he would wait till we’d been (officially) dating a year to even bring it up, but then couldn’t wait that long. And then was thinking of proposing at some gorgeous nature filled location or a historic mansion (yes, we are both nerds) this summer, but couldn’t wait that long either… So after checking with me on what I thought about getting married over the holidays, he started planning his proposal. He planned it over the course of a couple of months, and even briefly considered asking me on our one year anniversary before deciding that was too much cheese even for us.

The time finally came for him to propose, and while he had been hoping for good weather so he could ask me on one knee at a river walk, the day proved cold. His proposal however, while the location had to be changed, was anything but cold. Sweet, simple, romantic… It was perfect even if not for the location. There is more to a sweet moment than a grand gesture, than the perfect location, than even saying the perfect words, and he had all the right things (and said some really sweet things). Even if the river walk would have been lovely, he was still there, and he was still asking me to marry him in the sweetest, kindest way possible. Life happens, things can’t be helped. But love and the important things can still win out and make things good. And that is how our marriage should be as well – life happens, somethings cannot be helped, and plans don’t go how we’d like, but so long as the important things are there, we will be fine. So what is important? Us being together, love, kindness and grace for each other and others, and a willingness to work through everything together as a couple, and to always end on the same side. In the case of this proposal, it definitely had us being together, love, and lots of sweet romantic-ness (which I’ll count as kindness, for the sake of adding more of the previous list to this list. Don’t question it, it really is arbitrary). Next to work on building a marriage that is just as good… Even when the circumstances impacting it aren’t (and they really won’t be at times!).



(Okay, that wasn’t too sappy, was it? Well… maybe just a little. So have some pictures.)



Hello; I'm a mid-twenties nerd studying to get an Associates Degree as a Library Technical Assistant while working part-time at a library.

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