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A New Semester

Ah, school. Paper, pencils, classroom lectures… The latter item is something I didn’t expect to have again, as my Library Technical Assistant degree is available completely online (handy for having a flexible work schedule that is prone to vary and has odd hours at times), but while registering for classes I was suddenly faced with having to wait a semester to take a math class online (as they were going to be converting it for the next semester), or take it in person. As the transition period to being an online class cannot be expected to go smoothly, I registered for an in-person, traditional, classroom class for this spring semester.

I was nervous about taking a math class, nervous about taking a classroom class for the first time in over five years, but not nervous about the schedule at least – it was the best I could get for the class being in person and with my normal work schedule. And then I got my work schedule for this month… Oops, someone was taking a vacation so I was scheduled to fill in on several of those days; one of those days being when I have my math class. That wasn’t going to work at all, so I had to talk to my library director about the conflict in times. When she asked why I hadn’t marked down that I couldn’t work those mornings, all I could say was that with our return to normal schedules after the holidays, I just hadn’t thought about it! Ah, the joys of school and work. At least I only work part-time! (And the joys of being a library director having to do all the employee scheduling when people keep changing when they can work and changing what days they want off. Sorry, boss!) I never expected the in-class time to be as enjoyable as the teacher makes it, or the homework as easy as it was at first (I still don’t expect easy and short homework to last, and this week’s work has been a bit heavier), nor did I expect for it to conflict with work at all, but this traditional classroom class did all of those and more.




Hello; I'm a mid-twenties nerd studying to get an Associates Degree as a Library Technical Assistant while working part-time at a library.

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